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CHA is in need of your pictures and videos and stories of incidents involving brake checks, cars cutting you off, unsafe driving practices around commercial vehicles.  Please send videos from your dash cam, or stills (IF YOU WERE NOT DRIVING).  


If an incident caused an accident, pictures of the accident and the story behind the accident would be very much appreciated.  CHA appreciates that this may be potentially gory, but the more proof available to show everyone, the better chance we all have to change the rules and make everyone safer on the roads.  **NOTE** some photos and videos may be used in future training classes.  


I also need any stills or dash cam footage of questionable RV practices (IF YOU WERE NOT DRIVING).  This does include 5th wheel and trailer hitch.  CHA is going to be changing how RV driving in Canada is done.  CHA is looking for a mandatory course like commercial and motorbikes.    **NOTE** some photos and videos may be used in future training classes.  


CHA will be pulling articles from newspapers and compiling the stats from across Canada, but every picture is worth a 1,000 words. 


As drivers, this is your chance to have a voice and help improve the world you live and breathe every day.


Click here to submit your photos and video (Your name will not be used to protect your privacy)